Episode 8: The Precariat, Interview with Charlie Post

In this episode of Black Sheep Radio, we talk to Charlie Post, author, sociologist and supporter of the group Solidarity, about the idea of the “precariat” and worker organizing in general.

The idea of the precariat has gained some popularity in the last few years with the growth of low-wage, part-time labor, and it’s inspired some debate about whether or not this fundamentally changes class structure, creating a new class or sub-class, and what the consequences are for worker organizing.Reviving_the_Strike

For the interview, Charlie talks about how capitalist work has been organized in the long-term, arguing that the post-war (1945-1972ish) living standards were actually the exception and that “we are all precarious”. We hear discussion about how radicals have related to trade unions, some discussion about potential power at various workplaces, and Charlie recommends some books about how to think through the problem of the NLRB.

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6 Responses to Episode 8: The Precariat, Interview with Charlie Post

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  2. Sheldon says:

    Can I download these, or do you have that disabled?

    • blacksheepradio says:

      Yes, you can download them. You can either get them from iTunes, which is probably easiest (link at the top of the page) or you can right-click the link that says “Episode 8″ and then select “Save as…”

  3. blacksheepradio says:

    I’ll look into it. There’s some site work we need to do, and wordpress leaves a lot to be desired hosting audio files. Sorry for the trouble. In the meantime, I think iTunes might be the best way to go: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-8-precariat-interview/id605745794?i=162260131&mt=2

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