018: Norm Stockwell, Independent Media and WORT-FM

wort-logo-527x323Episode 18 is an interview with Norm Stockwell, station operations manager at WORT-FM. We wanted to do an episode talking about the importance of independent media and get into some of the ways that radio as a medium is different than print or television. Norm’s been involved with community radio for about thirty years, starting back in the days when you literally had to cut analog tape with a razor blade to have audio samples, so we knew that he’d be a great person to talk to about the community radio movement, independent media and the things radio can do that makes it something special.


We asked Norm to talk about some of this battle between “old media” and “new media”—or if that distinction meaningfully exists. Norm get into the history of social movement activity in the US that has had corresponding media, and then talks about WORT-FM’s history specifically. Personally, I think we only just scratched the surface of everything we could have talked about, but I really enjoyed doing it.


Right-click here to download this episode.

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