Episode 20: Silvia Federici on Housework, Reproduction & Feminism

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This week marks our 20th episode and the last one for this year. We are taking a short holiday break and will be up a running again at the start of January. In this episode we interview Silvia Federici about her ideas on feminist theory coming from the Marxist tradition. Federici is a long time teacher and activist of the feminist Marxist tradition. She is also the author of two books: Caliban and the Witch and Revolution at Point Zero.

One of the goals we have had since the start of this podcast is to highlight socialist theories and work on finding that bridge between thinking and action.  In this interview we discuss the  motivation behind the campaign of wages for housework and the theoretical explanation of women’s reproductive work in the household.

This is by far the most theoretical interview we have done; we refer to Marx’s theory of labor value throughout the episode, so it helps to have a semi-working understanding of Capital to be with everything we talk about. Hopefully we don’t jump over too much and it all makes sense. Just drop us a line if anything could needs to be better drawn-out.

Enjoy and we will be back for the New Year.


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