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The Making of Capitalist Patriarchy: Interview with Silvia Federici

by Tessa Echeverria and Andrew Sernatinger In December, we interviewed Silvia Federici, a Marxist-feminist thinker, author and activist. Federici was a member of the International Feminist Collective beginning in the 1970’s, which produced the Campaign for Wages for Housework along … Continue reading

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021: Steve Early on “Save Our Unions” and US Labor

And…we’re back! My old friend George from Everything Sounds suggested that we organize our episodes by seasons, so after finishing “season one” we took a little break over the winter. Our first episode coming back is an interview with Steve Early, … Continue reading

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On Kshama Sawant, Elections and the US Left

by Andrew Sernatinger At this point, most people are pretty familiar with Kshama Sawant’s election to the Seattle City Council. Sawant first ran for the Washington State House of Representatives in the fall of 2012 and used her notoriety and … Continue reading

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