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Monsters and a Critique of Everyday Neoliberalism: Interview with David McNally

[This is part two of an interview with scholar-activist David McNally on the current economic crisis. The first part focused on the crisis itself, its causes, the way in which working life has been reorganized, the perspective of ruling elites in managing … Continue reading

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Global Slump & The New Normal

This transcript was originally posted at New Politics. by Andrew Sernatinger and Tessa Echeverria It’s been nearly seven years since the onset of the global economic crisis that began in 2007. In order to get an understanding of the crisis—of … Continue reading

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023, pt 1: “Global Slump & The New Normal” Interview with David McNally

For episode #23, we interviewed David McNally—a Canadian socialist, scholar-activist, author and teacher. We had been trying to get David on the program for some time and finally managed to get all of our schedules aligned to make this happen, … Continue reading

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