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Socialists in Seattle: Anh Tran Transcript

Just a few short weeks after Kshama Sawant emerged victorious running as a socialist for the Seattle City Council, we interviewed Anh Tran, Sawant’s assistant for the campaign. Tran also served as the volunteer coordinator for Sawant when she ran … Continue reading

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Queering Socialism: An Interview with Alan Sears

by Andrew Sernatinger and Tessa Echeverria This transcript was posted originally at New Politics. The audio of this interview is from Episode 007 of Black Sheep Radio. We’re at an interesting (and terrible) moment where we’re witnessing attacks on most … Continue reading

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Interview with Kshama Sawant (Archive transcript)

Right now I’m sure a lot of people are following the dead heat in Seattle as Kshama Sawant  contests for a seat on city council. I interviewed Kshama a year ago when she was challenging Frank Chopp, Washington State’s Democratic … Continue reading

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Queering Socialism transcript

Our interview with Alan Sears (episode 7) has been transcribed and published over at New Politics: Queering Socialism. If you didn’t catch it before, the interview goes over the history of gay and subsequently of “queer” as an identity, and … Continue reading

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Is There A Precariat? Interview with Charlie Post

Work and labor have always been a central concern for anticapitalists of all stripes. Like just about everything else in the history of capitalism, the world of work is a force in motion. Capitalism changes and responds to the world … Continue reading

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Episode 4: Interview with Michael Staudenmaier on Sojourner Truth Organization

We finished this episode a few weeks ago but we decided to wait while we tried to come up with some podcast music. Tessa and I had a little fun playing guitar and drums together, so its nothing fancy but … Continue reading

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