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Monsters and a Critique of Everyday Neoliberalism: Interview with David McNally

[This is part two of an interview with scholar-activist David McNally on the current economic crisis. The first part focused on the crisis itself, its causes, the way in which working life has been reorganized, the perspective of ruling elites in managing … Continue reading

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Is There A Precariat? Interview with Charlie Post

Work and labor have always been a central concern for anticapitalists of all stripes. Like just about everything else in the history of capitalism, the world of work is a force in motion. Capitalism changes and responds to the world … Continue reading

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Episode 8: The Precariat, Interview with Charlie Post

In this episode of Black Sheep Radio, we talk to Charlie Post, author, sociologist and supporter of the group Solidarity, about the idea of the “precariat” and worker organizing in general. The idea of the precariat has gained some popularity … Continue reading

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